”..Like in my heart there’s that hotel suite
And you lived there so long
It’s kind of strange now you’re gone..”

- Fireside (AM)

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NGHFBs 💞 Noel Gallagher

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#poolside#brooklyn#easySunday (at McCarren Hotel & Pool)


#poolside#brooklyn#easySunday (at McCarren Hotel & Pool)

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Noel Gallagher @ Bologna (October 6, 2012) by Gallagirl. 


Noel Gallagher @ Bologna (October 6, 2012) by Gallagirl

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Int: There’s an element of 'what you dream is what you get' to Fade Away, which is quite a John Lennon-ish thought. That was the idea behind Imagine, that you don’t get more than you imagine.

Noel: Yeah, that’s true. You only get what you settle for. I like that line. I dunno if I got that from a book or something, it sounds too good to be one of mine. I think at the time we were gonna get sued because it sounded a bit like a Wham! song, which I took great offence at. I think it was Freedom. It wasn’t intentional. I probably wrote it in Manchester. If you listen to the lyrics they tell you a lot more about the song than I can now. 'The dreams we had as children fade away'. I suppose it's a song about growing up but at the same time not growing old, if that makes any sense.

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Noel has a way with the ladies!

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